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  The Universal History Notebook


The Universal History Notebook
Conceptual Poetry / Visual Poetry
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meditaciones sobre la revolucion


Modernity believed in Reason, Truth and Science as monolithic categories. It understood Reality as a cause-effect rational system. Following a model of scientific objectivity, it tried to organize the things of world reducing them as measurable and manipulable entities. Modernity was both a Universal and a Western project resting on an optimistic view on technological development and with an evolutionist conception of History. According to its way of thinking, History should have its great supporting stories, being these imperialistic, colonialist, or - like the other side of the coin- of heroic resistance and revolution. Corresponding with this kind of narrations, we will find strong individuals: kings, tyrants, dictator, commanders. They are protagonists of these stories of conquest, liberation and emancipation. The Universal History Notebook relates to the great modern subjects: the hero, the king, the monument, the military strategy - the attack, the defense, the revolution. But here, they have lost their power, their substance, their reason of being, and their importance. Some of them show us their dark face: they are imposters, treasonous, narcissists and, first of all, cruel. Some of them are even seen as paranoid maniacs.