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belen gache radikal karaoke
Dowload the Radikal Karaoke Speech Transcripts (PDF)
Radical karaoke is an online device intended to allow any user to enounce political speeches.
Today, politics worldwide is almost exclusively devoted to rhetoric. Speeches are structured on emphatic and demagogic formulae and linguistic clichés reproducing themselves as viruses. By mechanically repeating slogans we have turned ourselves in zombie society. There´s not us who speak but others (power? market? language itself?) speaking through us. While in the early twentieth century, politics made extensive use of new technologies such as radio and speakers to reach the masses, today it uses teleprompters, podcasts and social networks to reach its goals.
RK aims to interrogate hegemonic discourses. It works with the permanent contrast between utopia and commonplace; revolutionary spirit and scam.
These multimedia pieces are constructed departing from a fixed verbal structure incorporating random texts. Nonetheless, voice and body are here inescapable. As traditional karaoke makes a singer of those who use it, anyone can have the illusion of being a political leader and guide the masses using RK. By reading the texts at the bottom of the screen using a microphone, and by pressing certain keys you´ll generate a series of visual and sound effects to accompany and emphasize your speeches